• 5 – Sodick Wire EDM’s (4 AXIS)
  • 2 – Sodick RAM EDM’s (4 AXIS)
  • 4 – CNC Grinders
  • 1 – Horizontal Mill (4 AXIS)
  • 11 – CNC Mill’s (3 AXIS)
  • 8 – CNC Mill’s (2 AXIS)
  • 3 – CNC Lathe’s
  • 1 – CNC Saw


  • 4 – Moore Jig Grinders
  • 1 – Sunnen Hone
  • 6 – RAM EDM’S (-3 AXIS)
  • 1 – EDM Driller
  • 8 – Automatic Grinders
  • 25 – Manual Grinders
  • 3 – Band Saws


  • 1 – CMM
  • 1 – Smart Scope
  • 8 – Comparitors


Our Departments


Solid Modeling & Program Engineering

Utilizing the latest versions of pro-e for solid modeling, mastercam 2d & 3d, esprit, key creator cad and gibbscam, we can create tooling paths from most files with efficiency.
We appreciate all opportunities!

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Quality Assurance

Manufacturing quality components is tricky. Making sure they are to print before they arrive is essential. Our team uses the best tools available including a mititoya CMM with scanning. We offer inspection reports and full traceability if desired. This is truly the icing on the cake!

ISO 9001:2015

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CNC RAM EDM Department

Capacity on the largest ram is 15″ x 23″

Combined with the capability of producing 3d electrodes from solid models accurately within .0001, we’ve been able to hold .0002 tolerances steadily on multiple orbiter rams plus the 3 CNC rams. We are ready to run around the clock on your next project. How can we help?

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CNC Wire EDM Department

Capacity on the largest of 5 wire EDM’s is 15″ x 23″

We have consistently held .0002 tolerances on all of them. Running multiple shifts and utilizing off-hours run time has provided many cost effective production opportunities for our current customers.

There is still plenty of capacity available!

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JIG Grinding Department

This description is easy: when building an assembly, dowell pin hole locations are not suggestions.
This is just one of the reasons we maintain interchangeability on components worldwide.

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CNC Precision Grinding Department

This department is the foundation of the multiple full-service solutions we provide.

Capacity throughout is 8″ x 20.  Manual,  automatic, and CNC 3-axis grinding holding .0001 accuracy daily.

The “these guys are good” slogan may have been invented here!

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CNC Mill Production Department

Largest capacity is 25″x 50″

We have multiple vertical and horizontal mills working together daily to deliver product more quickly by utilizing multiple shifts.

Hard milling 2d & 3d items up to 60 RC with .0002 tolerances providing reduced downtime solutions continuously.

No quantity too large for this department!

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Carbide Grinding Department

If you’re looking for longer wear and tool life for your application to reduce downtime, we have your solution.

We can hold .0001 tolerances daily with lapping, manual, and automatic grinding on any quantity.

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CNC Lathe Department

Capacity up to 12″ diameters with 50″ between centers.

We are utilizing gibbscam for creating tooling paths including live-tooling for multiple operations. Also, hard turning .0002 tolerances on post heat treat operations up to 62 RC.

Interchangeability created daily here!

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Prototype Mill Department

Multiple skilled machinist programming 2 & 3 axis mills.

This department allows us to offer faster deliveries on machine parts holding .001 tolerances.  If you need something closer, no problem! We have developed many tight tolerance finish operation processes.

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Large Flat and Production Grinding

Capacity 16″ x 32″

Precision flat grinding available

Grinding .0002 – .0005 flatness daily

No quantity too large or too small

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Steel and Raw Material Division

Capable of cutting up to 18″ on the largest CNC auto advancing/hydraulic clamping saw, providing perpendicularity required for customer accuracy. We supply clean and burr free material ready to run!

Quick quotes and fast turnaround on any material.

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